Evo Sportster Shotgun Exhaust Pipes


Shot Gun exhaust pipes for Evolution Sportsters. Has 18mm oxygen sensor ports.


Evolution Sportster shot gun exhaust pipes. Chrome Finish. These say they fit 2007-13 XL’s but are pictured here on a 2003, so it’s safe to say they fit 1986-2013 for sure.  It would be reasonable to say that with adapters for the oxygen sensors (18mm to 12mm) they would fit all Evo Sportsters.

These have 18mm oxygen sensor ports for fuel injected bikes. These ports are good for carburetor bikes when using air/fuel ratio test equipment that require the use of 02 sensors. The bungs are not in the way of anything on earlier non-fuel injected bikes.

Mounting bracket bolts up to sprocket cover. If you are not running sprocket cover, there is a hex stud that you can bolt this bracket to. We supply spacer and longer bolt for mounting bracket.


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